Who is John Reese?

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John Reese has been involved with Internet marketing since 1990, but his story isn’t one of immediate success. At one point, he was $100,000 in debt with a myriad of health problems. However, Reese turned around his career and is now a renouned Internet marketer.

In 2004, Reese astonished the online marketing world by selling $1,080,496 worth of his “Traffic Secrets” product over the course of eighteen hours. He launched a new product and made over a million dollars in less than a day without spending a single cent on advertising.

Reese realized early in his career that the best way to make money is to learn from others. The successes and failures of other experts in the online marketing field helped him learn to avoid gambling on new strategies with his hard-earned money. For instance, Reese once sold a domain name for 900 dollars, and the buyer turned around and resold the same domain name for one million dollars in cash. Talk about a hard lesson learned!

In 1994, Reese created one of the first auto-responder services on the world wide web. Since then, he has developed and launched over 100 projects on the Internet, including a free photography site for eBay users, which launched in 1998.

Within the first 10 months after going live with his eBay photo hosting site, it was already ranked among the top 500 websites in the world for web traffic. What did that mean as far as Reese’s bottom line was concerned? He was making over 100 thousand dollars a month for a website that cost under 500 dollars to create and develop. Reese is an eBay pro. He’s even made over 38 thousand dollars on a single eBay auction.

Reese has been sharing his expertise with other Internet marketers since 2004. He is a pro when it comes to research and development, testing projects, tracking results, generating online traffic and conversion.

Reese shares his secrets with prospective Internet marketers on his website, www.marketingsecrets.com. Even seasoned industry veterans visit Reese’s website to learn new tricks of the trade. He also distributes a free newsletter filled with advice and tips for online marketing success. In addition, Reese offers video courses for sale on his website.

Reese is a successful public speaker, and his blog can be found at www.income.com, where he offers up his wisdom and wit for free to help boost your bottom line.

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